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    the sounds of neptune captured from the nasa voyager

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    Shipment of Volkswagen Beetles parked by color at the port of Portland, 1965.

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  5. Pink sunrise in Sur / Oman | by anjči

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  6. Ebola by Andre Carrilho

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  9. malformalady:

    Deer colorations showing melanistic, albino and a natural Fallow deer.

    Photo credit: mszafran

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    The Banquet

    Rene Magritte

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    Jongens, 2014.

    Zo’n mooie film.

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  13. humanoidhistory:

    mausoleum in the ancient city of Tus, Iran, photo by Ernst Herzfeld (1879-1948). (Possibly Mongol? And has it been restored? See here and here.)


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    Elderly women in Ijebu Igbo dancing. 1979
    Vintage Nigeria

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