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    Judith with the Head of Holofernes by Onorio Marinari

    Date: 1680

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    untitled by svimmel_ on Flickr.

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    The jealous ones blamed me and said, "What do you see in her?" I replied to those who were ignorant of my art, "Take my eyes and see." I am in her eyes Adam and she is Eve in mine. They told me, “Why do you love a servant?” I told them, “I feel her inside.” … O people what do you want from me? Till my last breath, all poetry and art shall be for her. 

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    Unknown Photographer, Demolition of a building - Kösliner Strasse, Berlin, (1961)

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    "We will show no mercy"

    The East (2013)
    Zal Batmanglij

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    Amor Vincit Omnia (1601-1602)


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